Следни испити



23 Мај 2018

Се известуваат студентите дека е објавен распоред за испити во јунска и септемвриска испитна сесија за академска 2017/18 год. за сите студиски програми.

Линк кон испитите од сите сесии.


15 Јануари 2018

За студентите од прв, втор, трет, четврт и петти семестар задолжително пријавување на испитите за јануарска сесија преку iKnow системот.


29 Ноември 2017

Познати добитниците на наградите за истражувачки труд и есеј на распишаниот награден конкурс на УКЛО. Две од првите три награди за студентите од ТФБ. Честитки до Филип Лазоски (прва награда) и Игор Стерјовски (трета награда) за истражувачки трудови. 


30 Јануари 2015

Се известуваат студентите на Технички факултет – Битола дека заради новите законски прописи скриптарата нема да работи почнувајќи од 01.02.2015 год.




Faculty of Technical Sciences is a leader in higher education in southwest region of Republic of Macedonia, the largest University unit, equal partner of numerous prestigious faculties in European andworld universities, retaining its position as a core of technical thought and education. It is a modern higher education institution, which successfully combines application and scientific research activities, following the European and worldtrends in education and in overall societal life. The Faculty has for fifty years successfully contributed in forming high-quality engineeringcadre in the area of mechanical engineering, traffic and transportation, electricalengineering, graphical engineering, mechatronics and industrialengineering and management, cadre prepared and trained to successfully fulfill dutiesin industrial companies.Through a continuous change in the direction of modernizing and improving thestudy programs, the Faculty manages to enable our country to move towards countriesthat cherish education, but at the same time to introduce all the novelties given incontemporary science.
The Faculty offers a wide range of study programmes in:


  •  Undergraduate studies (first cycle academic as well as professional studies)
  • Post-graduate studies (second cycle of university studies)
  • Doctoral studies (third cycle of university studies).

    Paralleling the teaching activity, the Faculty of Technical Sciences Bitola also conducts scientific research in scientific fields and disciplines recognizable for this institution since its foundation until today. 
The teaching staff of the FTS is actively engaged in scientific research through publishing papers, participating with their own papers at numerous international conferences, congresses, symposia, etc. Scientific research results are presented in monograph s and proceedings, impact factor scientific s, which is obvious in the list of academic staff, follows.
Today, Faculty bodies are the Teaching and Scientific Council the Dean and theDean's Office. Within the institution there are five Departments:

  • Mechanical Engineering Department 
  • Electrical Engineering Department
  • Department of Traffic and Transport
  • Graphical Engineering Department
  • Industrial Engineering and Management Department

The Departments cover distinct scientific research fields and areas in whose framework the teaching of several study programs is conducted, as well as one interdisciplinary study programme of Mechatronics. Paralleling to them, application and scientific research activities are also realized. The departments realize their activities within the Faculty framework and havetheir representative Department Head, in the governing body-the Dean's office.